Feng Shui

This is more than architecture and interior design, more than creating a healthy
living space with a positive atmosphere. It is the study of the flow of
energy in your environment -- the same energy as the life force, called
"Ch'i," that flows through your body. Just as Chinese acupuncture uses
needles to treat blockages in energy flow in the body, Feng Shui uses
crystals, mirrors, mobiles, plants, furniture placement, etc. to manipulate
the lines of energy in your home or office. Come learn how to bring harmony
to your environment.

Tanya will come to your home or office to do a professional analysis of your
energy situation. The standard package included three consultations, three
weeks apart.
  1. She comes for a 2-hour analysis based on the Form School and leaves you
    with a list of basic corrections.
  2. She comes again, three weeks later, for another 2-hour analysis based on
    the BA Gua with more specific corrections.

Feng Shui uses form or the physical environment to gain an understanding of
place. As human beings, we need air, water, food and protection from harsh
elements. The Form School carefully studies these basic needs and gives us
an understanding of the best way to place people and their dwellings in the
context of their natural environment. It focuses on how energy flows through
the physical environment of your home or office.
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There are several different schools of thought in Feng Shui. The Compass
School was developed in the wide open spaces of southern China. Since there
were less physical landmarks than in mountainous northern China, the compass
was used to get bearings. This school ties magnetic energy to location. In
the Compass School, we will talk about the Lopan, the Feng Shui compass, and
the use of the Ba Gua. We will also learn about key concepts such as
balancing Yin and Yang and harmonizing the five elements.
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Spend a weekend with friends evaluating architecture, furniture placement and
more, to bring harmony to your environment with easy Feng Shui corrections.
We offer the two most popular schools of Feng Shui: the Form School and the
Compass School. In either weekend you will learn key concepts such as
balancing Yin & Yang, and harmonizing the five elements. (Weekend intensives
minimum 6 people, cost $125 each.)
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derives from centuries old Taoist philosophy.Taoism teaches us to "go with
the flow" because all things originate from and return to this same life
force. Material things are Ch'i in a denser vibrational form, whereas
thoughts are Ch'i in a higher vibrational form. There is constant
interchange between this spiritual/mind energy and our physical surroundings.
Our thoughts affect the material world and our environment affects our

The place where we live or work is a reflection of who we are, a mirror of
the self. Subtle alterations in our living space can alter the way we think
or feel, and can affect relationships, business profits, our health and much
more. If we learn to flow with our environment we can bring more harmony
into our personal lives.

A Feng Shui session involves an on-site analysis of the external environment
of a building, the entryway and energy flow into a home or office, and how
that flow influences various aspects of one's life. Feng Shui uses a
wholistic view to create positive life changes by rearranging the physical
environment so you can realize your dreams.

Are your friends interested in an ancient Chinese method of creating positive
energy and good luck in your living environment? Would they like to learn
how to create a better love life, greater prosperity, good health and
masterly wisdom? Let us introduce them to the ancient science of Feng Shui!
It's easy. You provide the yummies, and we provide the fun. We will
entertain your guests with our knowledge of one of the oldest sciences known
to man. We give you the invitations, a Feng Shui booklet for each guest, and
all you do is take credit for the fun. Call us for details.

Consultations can be arranged at $55/hour. Drive time is also billed if over
10 minutes.

Tanya TANYA EPP, DOM, MAIN INSTRUCTOR, studied Feng Shui for two years at the
Healing Tao Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. She has seven years of
experience and has been doing consultations for homes and businesses in New
Mexico since 1995.

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