Private Consultations

PRIVATE CLASSES $45/1 hour $25/ 1/2 hour
Tanya will teach any of the regular White Crane classes privately.

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TAROT READINGS $85/2 hours
Not a mere fortune-telling device, tarot cards actually facilitate intuitive
knowing and provide a doorway to the subconcsious and superconscious. Tarot
allows us to look at major issues in our lives and bring our hidden feelings
to the surface. We all have "inner-knowing" that we can tap into if we have
the proper vehicle. Tarot is a creative way to go past our fixed
psychological patterns and take a look at who we really are and where we are
going. Tanya Epp learned Tarot from a Portuguese psychic in 1993. Since
then, she has combined her background in psychology, astrology and Jungian
archetypes with her Reiki training to enhance the Tarot experience.

FENG SHUI $55/hour
Feng Shui is more than architecture and interior design, more than creating a
healthy living space with a positive atmosphere. It is the study of the flow
of energy in your environment -- the same energy as the life force, called
"Ch'i," that flows through your body. Just as Chinese acupuncture uses
needles to treat blockages in energy flow in the body, Feng Shui uses
crystals, mirrors, mobiles, plants, furniture placement, etc. to manipulate
the lines of energy in your home or office. Let me help bring harmony to
your environment. Tanya Epp studied Feng Shui for two years at the Healing
Tao Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. She has seven years of experience and
has been doing consultations for homes and businesses in New Mexico since

In Japanese Reiki means "restoring your life-energy." Reiki (Ray-key) is an
old Tibetan healing practice that was rediscovered in Japan about 200 years
ago. A Reiki practitioner has gone through a special energy initiation which
puts her in direct contact with the universal "Ki" (life-energy). Reiki
balances the Yin and Yang energies in the body and thus strengthens the
immune system which often suffers under stress. It also helps us to
understand the causes and meanings of various illnesses and accidents to
assist us in our spiritual growth. REIKI MASTER TANYA EPP has been practicing
since 1993. She has treated over 600 patients including people with
arthritis, chronic fatigue, environmental sensitivity, cancer, lupus, HIV+,
MS, Parkinsons, Alzheimers and many other major diseases. She received her
Reiki Master certification in August of 1996 and has performed over 150
initiations since then.

REIKI CERTIFICATION WEEKENDS are held regularly for First, Second and Third
Degree Reiki attunements. Reiki Master training can be arranged privately.
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Tanya Epp, DOM TANYA EPP, DOM, founder and principal instructor of White Crane Healing Arts
Center in Santa Fe, has for the last seventeen years studied a range of
healing, meditative, intuitive and martial arts in the U.S., Europe and Asia.
Before coming to Santa Fe in 1995, she served as founding director of White
Crane Studios in Zurich. Tanya is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DOM) and
licensed to practice in New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Canada.

White Crane Healing Arts