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AcidJazz is a script for ircle 3.1 that makes your irc life just a bit easier. This script has been thoroughly tested and works under both MacOS 9 and MacOS X. Enjoy.

* Nick Regain
* Ignore/Redirect +v
* Nick Completion (:,*, and tab)
* Away/URL Logger
* XDCC Offering
* Nick Colorizer
* Text Highliting
* Split Detection
* Message Windows
* Custom CTCP Replies
* Auto Whois On Query
* Window Management
* Google Search
* Seek script for finding users on all active channels.
* iTunes, Audion and PandoraMan control scripts

12/21/07 - AcidJazz 1.4.2 has been released and fixes a bug with 10.5 Leopard.

07/25/06 - AcidJazz 1.4.1 is now out. This release adds a single option, "partialnickcomplete". This enables the nick completion code to search for any string within the nick instead of just the start of the nick.

07/24/06 - Yes, after years of stagnation, AcidJazz 1.4 has been released. New features include support for streaming stations in iTunes, tons of new help content, and your normal array of bug fixes. For more detailed notes please look through the included AcidJazz ReadMe.

02/24/03 - AcidJazz 1.3 has been released to the masses. New features include a new seek script, mp3 feature enhancements including customizable display, eggdrop login features, /v (voice) and /dv (devoice), a new prefs engine, and optimizations throughout the code.

12/30/02 - AcidJazz 1.2.7 is now available, and we are pleased to announce that Apple finally fixed the AppleScript problems that had been haunting us for the past few months. This new release includes /exec support for shell scripts, and a new mp3 ctcp command for dccing the currently playing itunes track to other people on the channel (/ctcp nick mp3 get).

08/30/02 - AcidJazz 1.2.6 is released. Fixed “spiterror” issue, more updates are pending on fixes to Script Debugger in OS X.

08/04/02 - AcidJazz 1.2.5 is now available. We would like to welcome our newest developer cougar to the team and announce that we have included window management features, more custom display enhancements (boldnicks and truncatenicks), as well as google searching into this release. We also included a few extra alias' for people who prefer /kb to /bk, and fixed a few small display bugs.

07/08/02 - AcidJazz 1.2 is now available. This version impliments the command /xdccscan to xdcc list all +v users on the current channel. You can also redirect this output to the plists window if you desire.

03/27/02 - AcidJazz 1.1.9 is released. This version fixes a bug in ignoreterminalbell to prevent users from being flooded off by control G characters. A special thanks to HomeBrewr for finding this bug.

/arrange <stack|single> - arranges ircle windows
/audion [play, last, next, stop, broadcast, quit]
/b <nick> - bans <nick>
/bancount - shows how many bans and users are on the channel
/bk <nick> [reason] - bans then kicks <nick> with [reason]
/bki <nick> [reason] - bans, kicks, then ignores <nick> with [reason]
/brb [reason] - quick brb message with [reason]
/c - cycles the channel
/clearlog - clears the away log
/clearrecords - clears the current fserve records
/clearurl - clears the url log
/contact - information how to reach the developers
/countops - shows how many ops and ircops are on the channel
/d <nick> - deops <nick>
/dns <ip || hostname> - does dns lookup for <ip || hostname>
/exec <shell commands> - executes commands in the Mac OS X terminal
/google <search terms> - looks up <search terms> on google
/goto <url> - opens url
/help - AcidJazz help
/i <nick> - ignores <nick>
/itunes [play, last, next, fastforward, rewind, resume, stop, pause, mute, restart, broadcast, quit]
/j <channel> [key] - joins <channel> with [key]
/k <nick> - kicks <nick> off current channel
/kb <nick> [reason] - bans then kicks <nick> with [reason]
/kbi <nick> [reason] - bans, kicks, then ignores <nick> with [reason]
/l [channel] - leaves current channel or [channel]
/m <nick> <msg> - messages <nick> with <msg>
/mute - mutes or unmutes ircle sounds
/n <nick> <msg> - notices <nick> with <msg>
/o <nick> - ops <nick>
/p [channel] - parts current channel or [channel]
/pandoraman [open, broadcast, quit]
/pref [pref] [setting] - shows you your current settings or allows you to set them
/prefs [pref] [setting] - shows you your current settings or allows you to set them
/readlog - reads away log
/readurl - reads url log
/set [pref] [setting] - shows you your current settings or allows you to set them
/t <topic> - set topic on current channel
/udns <nick> - does a dns query on <nick>
/viewqueue - lists all current fserve queue info
/w <nick> - whois <nick>
/ww <nick> - whowas <nick>
/xdccscan - sends an xdcc list request to all +v users on the current channel
/xl <nick> - xdcc lists <nick>
/xs <nick> <pack #> - requests pack <pack #> from <nick>


AcidJazz 1.4.2 (AcidJazz1.4.2.sit.bin)
MiniX 3.8.6 (MiniX3.8.6.sit.bin)

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